At a little past 3:00 am on December 14, 2021, I awoke.  I was going to get up at 3:30 like I always do and go to my office and Adalia talked me into staying in bed.  I fell back to sleep and had a dream.

I saw a small pet dog carrying a squirrel by the head.  I made it release the squirrel.  I saw that same little pet dog holding by its teeth, a pet yellow cat by its back like a predator such as a lion, or hyena would do to break its spine.  Blood was oozing from the cat where the teeth were gripping the cat's back and the dog seemed to be enjoying the blood.  I forced the dog to release the cat but after a little while I saw the same dog had caught the same yellow cat and carrying it again with its teeth into the back spine of the cat and the dog enjoying the pain the cat was going through, bleeding.

Again, this was a small pet dog and normally it should not have been able to catch the squirrel nor the cat twice.  The cat was as big as the dog and the dog should not have been able to chase down the cat twice and carry it, as the cat should have been able to easily run away from the dog and defeat it in a battle.  It appeared to me that both the squirrel and the cat were too tired to escape the dog because of hunger and starvation.

The next thing I knew, I found myself, Adalia and my son MJ in a small house that reminded me of a safe house that escaped slaves used while traveling from one safe house on to another in their journey to freedom.

There were other people inside the house also getting ready to travel on.  We were able to stay for six hours in a small room with a single bed inside and we ate some food in another small room with others.  It was clear that we would be traveling together in route to the next location.

As we were all floating during the night on our own raft, without warning, we came to a cliff.  We could not stop but the gulf was so wide it was impossible to cross.  I remember diving with my family and by a supernatural act of God we made it to the other side.  All the other people in their rafts died.  It has now become clear to me that God was helping us survive.

Somehow we made it to another safe house even though we did not have our guide/leader as he had died at the cliffs.  Again, the Holy Spirit was leading us.  Inside this safe house there was a little food that was cooking.  A woman gave us a small room again with a single bed.  We had six hours to rest before we had to leave.  While we were preparing to leave some other people arrived and this big man was eating a lot of food.  I was surprised at the amount of food he had.  I complained to him that we were about ready to leave even though we were very tired as we only had six hours to stay there.  He seemed very surprised and had me look at his watch pointing out that he had thirteen hours to stay there.  It seemed strange to me that he had a lot of food to eat as well as more than twice the time to rest before traveling on.  NOTE:  It is apparent that favoritism, bias and racism will be an issue we will still have to face during this horrible time.

We did not know where to go next, so we traveled back to the first small cottage.  Upon arrival I saw a large semi truck pull in and park in front of the house.  I slowly approached the house and a small dog attacked me but not too ferociously, possibly again due to hunger and weakness.  There seemed to be several small dead pups that rolled when the mother rose up to attack me.

Once inside the house we were welcomed by a young blonde lady who told us to stay.  My wife stated she wanted to go home even though it was impossible and started to cry as she realized we could not go back to our comfortable home again.  This lady seemed to be comforting Adalia, telling her we could stay longer than the normal allotted six hours but Adalia kept saying we must go.  Adalia seemed adamant that we had to get out of there.  NOTE:  This was a warning from the Holy Spirit that we were not safe there as either the woman was an informant or trouble was coming there and she was unaware, meaning this younger woman was not a Christian being led by the Holy Spirit.


The meaning is clear as this is another warning from God that trouble is coming and we need to be close to God so He can lead us or we will perish.  Since March 14, 2020, I have had 21 dreams and this makes 22, warning of civil unrest, civil war and an invasion.  This is the time to draw nigh unto God and the Bible says He will draw nigh unto us.  Also, it is a time for the church to stop this attack on our freedoms if they want to avoid unnecessary suffering and persecution.

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