I would like to encourage you to join Eagles Saving Nations today.  The membership is growing daily and I need as many people as possible to accomplish what the Lord has put in my heart.  I am calling upon Business people, Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Housewives, Lawyers, Engineers, politicians, athletes and students, etc.  Every single person on my database receiving my newsletters should join Eagles Saving Nations.  It's only $50 a year for US residents and $25 a year for international residents.  I need your support so I can hire a secretary and needed personnel to arrange these meetings, etc.  If you're concerned with the survival of the Republic and the future for your children, please join Eagles Saving Nations now.
As a member of Eagles Saving Nations, you will also be able to attend workshops, conferences and training meetings focused on the Holy Spirit.  I will have different speakers with the Kingdom of God mandate to convey what the Lord is saying to the church.  In these days in which we are living, there is so much uncertainty that I need to wake up Christians to the reality of the situations that are taking place in the nations.  We, as a church, need to be ready for what is to come and if we can do something about it, now is the time.  If you are called to be an Eagle, then join me.  We need another Great Awakening focused on people filled with the Holy Spirit to bring revival to America.  This tyranny that is taking place and the evil people that are trying to move us into the New World Order, needs to be stopped.
You have so much to contribute to the cause and I hope you will join me in this worthy assignment to help me try and wake up the church and nations in order to stop the destruction and persecution coming to true Christians and this nation.  Click link below or call (360) 629-5248 to join today.

Join Eagles Saving Nations