From the desk of Pastor Hansen

When the Lord told me to move back to America and prepare to speak to the people of the United States, He said, “Go directly to my people; for the first year do not try to speak in the organized Churches.” Then the Lord began to open up invitations for me to speak to His Church across the country through the mass media. The invitations started pouring into my office and I have spoken on over 150 and 50 television stations as well as traveling to over 30 states in the United States holding conventions warning what is coming upon America. (See page 3 of our Fall 98 newsletter for a partial list of stations)

The Lord Jesus Christ is not happy with most of the organized Churches. many of the pastors are leading the Church instead of allowing the Lord Himself to lead. Pastors would venomously deny this, as they cannot see past their vanity, which clouds their vision with a spirit of deception. They continue to stop the Holy Spirit from moving with their continued interference and organized agenda.

The Lord told me to begin to minister to His people, He said, “Just speak the truth in 1998 through the mass media and my people will back you.” Thus I started “speaking the truth” on the radio, television, short wave, newspapers and magazines and His people are backing this ministry.

Everywhere I’ve traveled throughout the United States, in convention after convention, the cry was the same, “Where can I go to church?” The pastors are not speaking the truth! They are preaching a watered down, lukewarm message which allows people to continue in sin. The Church is filled with sin. The pastor controls the service. he will not allow God to move. Born again former Catholics ask, “Doesn’t the pastor know the Catholic Church is apostate? Why does the Pastor support Catholic teachings? The Pastor does not believe in demons. The pastor does not know how to cast out demons. Pastors do not minister to people anymore like you do Pastor Hansen. Where can I go to Church?”

Now I know why the Lord told me to “Just speak the truth and my people will back you.”

As I waited upon the Lord for His strategy to be faithful to Him in ministering to the people of America, the Holy Spirit told me to pastor “The Church without Walls” When I asked what He meant He said to send out a pastoral letter twice monthly to His Church, His remnant, and minister to a minimum of two hundred thousand by this means. Truly provide this type of Pastoral Ministry to them!

Thus, THE CHURCH WITHOUT WALLS has been birthed by the Holy Spirit and I send out a pastoral letter monthly. Starting 1999, in obedience to the Holy Spirit, I will be sending you a letter twice per month in pastoral ministry to His people throughout the United States in this way. We at World Ministries International, keep a file on every person that telephones, writes, e-mails, etc., and are endeavoring to minister to him or her. Every prayer request that comes in is faithfully gone over by our Prayer Department Head. This leader is in charge of seeing that each prayer request is diligently prayed over. We also want to open up a twenty-four hour radio telephone line where you can call in anytime of the day of night and have someone pray over you. As the need demands I will also be adding pastoral staff to meet the needs of you, the true Church that have needs that your immediate Church or pastor is not and and/ or cannot meet. Also, many of you have left the organized church as you feel it has become apostate and you cannot find a true Church. Many of you have started groups that worship in homes etc.

I am also now providing Apostolic leadership to many pastors throughout the United States at their request. The complaint has been that they cannot find Godly leadership. Many have left their denominations because of the compromise that exists and/or false doctrinal teachings and this has led them to ask me to provide them with leadership. So now I am a pastor to these Godly pastors.

During this time when the world celebrates christmas, remember that the true birth of Jesus Christ occurred in the fall of the year at the Hebrew/Christian Feast of Tabernacles (God tabernacles among us) at the end of September or first of October. The pagans celebrate Christmas not to honor our Lord Jesus Christ, but as a means to make money, It is big business! Jesus Christ was not born on December 25th. This was the day of the old Roman feast commemorating the birth of the sun god from Babylon. It was in the 5th century A.D. that the Roman Catholic church instituted December 25th to observe the birth of Christ (as if the Pope has the authority to change the true birth of Jesus Christ!).

The Christmas tree also originated with ancient Babylon. Semiramis, the mother of Tammuz, claimed that overnight an evergreen tree sprang up from a dead tree stump. This new evergreen tree symbolized her dead husband Nimrod that supposedly came to life again in the form of her illegitimate son, Tammuz. This idea spread and developed so that free worship, complete with gilded balls symbolizing the sun-and all the festivities of pagan winter solstice, and Druidic ceremonies (holly, mistletoe) were absorbed into christmas Day.

I know this time of month we enjoy seeing all the lights and visiting with family and friends, but I also feel we need to keep in mind and teach our children about the birth of Jesus Christ. When we truly worship the birth of Jesus Christ on God’s holiday, instead of the Pope’s mess of pottage (Esau’s compromise) and man’s corrupted traditions (Colossians 2:8), we find refreshment for the soul instead of post Christmas stress depression, usually experienced within a few minutes to hours after the last present is opened.

I know Church Leaders would argue and say this is legalistic, but because of their constant compromises in all areas of the Christian life, the sin issue is never dealt with and true Revival is not found in the Churches.

This is why THE CHURCH WITHOUT WALLS was birthed by the Holy Spirit!

Enclosed is a World Ministries International meeting sign-in sheet. Please allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to the Lord’s people who want true Pastoral Care. Christians that are tired of the status quo of conformity, the sick system within the Churches of tolerance toward sin. Christians that know the Scriptures through careful study and are frustrated with the twisting of Scriptures from the pulpit as their Pastors tear down the truth to protect their own positions both in their office and doctrinally. If you know believers that are tired of attending a Church that will not stand up for anything, or take a stand against sin for fear of loosing attendees or their financial support, then please have them sign the sheet clearly and I will send them a Pastoral letter twice monthly. This will help feed and encourage them and make them strong in this battle the true Church is involved in Together we, THE CHURCH WITHOUT WALLS, will speak out the truth to America, warning the Church and society what is coming upon her by the Lord out of love so repentance can come.

Also enclosed is a form with a section for your PRAYER REQUEST. As I shared, we have a Prayer Department Head Leader who see to it that your prayer needs are faithfully prayed over daily. On this form is a section for your financial support (tithes & offerings). As mentioned we are endeavoring to add Pastoral staff so we can be faithful to minister to your needs for counseling, etc. Again, twice monthly I will be sending out a Pastoral letter which will minister to you through teaching, exhortation and encouragement. Together we, THE CHURCH WITHOUT WALLS, will be faithful in giving warning to the nations that the Lord has prophesied to.

May God help us all to be faithful Shalom!

Rev. Jonathan Hansen

Rev. Jonathan Hansen
Chairman of World Ministries International & Pastor of the CHURCH WITHOUT WALLS

Note: During these holidays, use the occasion to develop your relationship with Jesus, family, and friends. Remember on December 24th & 25th to focus the day on our Lord. Teach the children that it’s not Santa Claus or Rudolph we are celebrating, but our salvation. Read the Christ Child story and worship Him, and let His kingdom be established in your home. Special Thanks to all of you who have supported us this year. We look forward to serving Jesus together in 1999 Shalom!

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