There are some pastors who say they are concerned about evangelism; that they are concerned about the youth. But, then they hire some inexperienced, sometimes single young person who usually doesn’t have the maturity or spiritual wisdom and experience to do the job. As a result, the youth department turns into a party instead of developing followers of Jesus Christ. The dating game is in operation with all the sin that goes with it, even at times with the young pastor. I want to state for the record that I believe if most of these pastors were truly concerned over the souls of this generation of young people, they would try to legally change the ideologies, immoralities and values being propagated by the teachers and professors of the public schools starting from kindergarten through university. If a pastor or evangelist is truly interested in the souls of the youth, then they must target the American Education System and attack the Marxist ideology that has replaced Judeo-Christian values and beliefs.

Saints, we must realize that the enemy of Jesus and freedom uses the wisdom of their spiritual master, Lucifer, who changes the definition of words to deceive people. A person who believes in the ideology of socialists and communists (Marxist ideology) uses the term “progressive.” A socialist or communist believer doesn’t admit their beliefs. No, they classify themselves now as a “progressive” since they know the other terms have a negative connotation to the majority of Americans, especially Christians. As I mentioned in my article “Christianity and Capitalism versus Marxism and the Green Agenda”, Karl Marx, along with George Hegel, hated Christianity because of its beliefs in the individual's inalienable rights under God. Marx and Hegel were determined to destroy Christianity by introducing another ideology that would take away the freedom and morality of the people who could then be controlled by taking away their property; thus, their freedom.

In 1811, the Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional to remove the Bible from school curriculums. At that time the court sentenced a man to three months in jail who tried to remove it. In 1878, in Reynolds vs. the United States Government, the Supreme Court ruled that Christianity and government could not be separated, since government is built upon the Bible and Christian beliefs. I was in public school until about 1962, and teachers taught from the Bible with its family foundational structure (one man as the husband and one woman as the wife). Honesty, morality, and traditional values were taught in school, as well as on television. In 1962, the Supreme Court, for the first time, ruled against our Christian heritage, and the decision, within the first year, instigated the removal of prayer from schools with the removal of Bible reading the next year. Abortion and homosexuality were crimes punishable by imprisonment until 1973, when once again, a progressive Supreme Court continued to help change America’s morality from a Christian to a Marxist ideology, which is the ideology of the United Nations.

As a result, these Marxist, progressive educational leaders have influenced an entire generation of Americans toward an anti-Christ morality of abortion, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, feminism, etc. They teach evolution which, in their eyes, justifies the higher intelligent Elite the right to rule, since the majority of the population are deemed inferior because they reject the values of the Republic of "inalienable rights" and equality for all. All who read this article must realize that progressives have taken over or greatly influenced America’s educational institutions, entertainment industry, news media, much of the Federal Government and courts, mainline churches, arts, and more.

We are in a hellish struggle for the soul of America. We must restore the Biblical values and morality which the Pilgrims, Puritans and our Founding Fathers believed in, thus forming the laws of morality through the courts and the original intent of the Constitution of the United States and Bill of Rights, granting every American inalienable rights under God. If not, we will be subject to a Marxist ideology promoted by progressives who are changing the culture in America into accepting alternate lifestyles classified as abominations or sins in the Bible. Since 1962 the progressive educational leaders have been using the public school system from kindergarten through university level to push this Marxist ideology of humanistic, scientific evolutionism, replacing Judeo-Christian opinions, beliefs of Creation, and morality taught in the Bible. The progressives understand how to evangelize the youth to their ideology. However, the fundamentally correct side of the church, who believe the Bible is the authoritative Word of God to form morality, is for the most part too carnal and in love with the things of this world to stand up for the morality of God. They keep their mouths shut as long as their business (church) can pay their bills.

Please reference my recent article,“The Religious Left and the Lukewarm Churches”, which explains clearly how half of the church is under a Marxist heritage, even though many of their congregations do not realize what the covering (leadership) of the church believes. They only know something is very wrong, as sin, as clearly taught in the Bible, is not recognized by their church leadership. Many members complain of liberalism in the church they attend. The other half of the churches who do believe in the absolute authority of the Bible refuse to join the National Council of Churches. Consequently, these congregations have left their first love and are entangled with the cares and love of this world. Their daily relationship with Jesus is so weak that they do not have the convictions to hate sin and speak the truth. With their parachute mentality of escaping persecution, they are not in the spiritual battle for being salt to preserve the soul of America.

All of us in America today must realize that our educational system is being led by atheistic, humanistic, evolutionists with a scientific mentality. This is diabolically opposed to Jesus and the absolute truths taught in the Bible. These Biblical truths alone have the authority to grant men freedom to pursue happiness and ownership of property and wealth from their own labor, which rewards people for putting their talents to work. Instead, the progressives who have taken over the public institutions of education believe that humans are just animals who must be indoctrinated with a liberal world view so the human animal does not destroy the environment. Thus, the elite, the intelligent human animals, can control them for world peace. Read Revelation Chapter 13 and then join with us in our effort to take back America, starting with America’s Educational System.

Dr. Jonathan Hansen

© 2013 World Ministries International