Ladies and gentlemen, everyone in the United States of America senses and discerns that America is in trouble. A spirit of fear is rampant, the economy is in shambles and our enemies plan to destroy the Republic and form a New World Order, as the Book of Revelation warns.

Many Christians are afraid to speak the truth because it is not politically correct to do so. Society in America has changed its values because of the aggression of atheists, agnostics, humanists, abortionists, homosexuals and violent religions that call on their faithful to terrorize, intimidate, and kill Christians. The entertainment industry, government and education are, for the most part, led by people who do not know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior; their God.

America was founded on Jesus Christ. Eleven out of the original thirteen colonies had laws enforcing that if a candidate wanted to run for political office, he/she must confess publicly that Jesus Christ was their God and that the Bible must be used in the courtrooms as the basis for morality, justice and ethics. John Quincy Adams said, “The glory of the Revolution was the bonding of government and Christianity.” John Jay, the first chief justice and one of the three authors of the Constitution asserted, “It is the duty of the nation to see that it has Christian leaders.” In 1811, the Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional to remove the Bible from school curriculums, and the court sentenced a man to three months in jail for trying to remove a Bible from the classroom.

In Jeremiah 28, we read about a prophetical contest between Hananiah and Jeremiah. The theme of the Book of Jeremiah deals with backsliding and the dangers of apostasy. Jeremiah used the word backsliding thirteen times in his book, warning about continual judgment if the people did not return to God’s morality as described in the Scriptures. Jeremiah was in constant open debate, arguments and verbal warfare with his people because he was not concerned about political correctness. He understood the SCIENCE OF JUDGMENT, and he tried relentlessly to call the nation to repent from their backslidden condition and their rebellion against God’s ethics. The prophet Hananiah told the nation that God was going to give peace and prosperity to Judah and also that the wooden yoke of Nebuchadnezzar would be broken. Remember, the people went into Babylonian captivity because of their idolatry and sexual sins and had not yet repented.
Jeremiah rebutted Hananiah twice in this discourse and warned the nation and Hananiah that what Hananiah was prophesying and preaching was wrong. Jeremiah prophesied that the yoke of slavery and bondage to Nebuchadnezzar was not broken but, instead, was now an iron yoke because they had not repented from their sins. Consequently, they were still in rebellion against the Word of God. Jeremiah then prophesied the death of Hananiah because by preaching a false gospel he had taught the nation rebellion against the Lord.

So it is today that many leaders are preaching a politically correct message, promoting sins of abomination and leading the people in America into rebellion against the Word of the Lord. Before 1973 abortion and homosexuality were crimes. Now they call a baby a fetus and killing a baby an abortion. They classify homosexuality and sodomy as an alternate life style. Thomas Jefferson authored a bill penalizing sodomy by castration. New York and Connecticut required the death penalty. Georgia was a little more liberal, requiring the penalty of life imprisonment at hard labor. Maine, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Vermont all prescribed sentences from one year at hard labor to death. Some states called for homosexuals to be executed or incarcerated for life. The Word of God does not change by culture. Instead, the Bible is meant to change the culture. It is God’s laws governing mankind’s behavior. The Bible warns us in Revelation 12, that Lucifer rebelled against God and was expelled out of heaven to the earth where he rules today through leaders who make immoral laws, thus leading the people of America into rebellion against God, causing our economic problems and judgment.

The purpose of God, through His church, is to reveal His glory over all the earth. (Psalm 72:19) In Genesis 1:26-28, Matthew 28:19-20, Luke 19:13 and Matthew 5:13 God instructs Christians to take dominion, subdue, be salt, occupy and make disciples of the inhabitants of the earth. Adam failed to subdue and cast Satan out of the garden, and Eve was deceived. If America is going to be filled with the glory of the Lord, Christians must understand that they are at war with Satan. The battle lines of those people in America who reject Jesus are clearly drawn, and they are changing the laws so that the sins of abomination as described in the Scriptures are now classified as an alternate lifestyle. If you represent Jesus and His laws, they call you names like hate monger when the reality is that they hate Jesus and the Holy Spirit within you.

Yes, the church is already in a war whether they understand the seriousness of it or not. The enemies of the laws of God hate the Bride of Christ and want to shut it down or destroy it. Either the church rises up and comes against the sins of idolatry, immorality, killing the innocent and dividing the land of Israel or be persecuted by evil men.

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